Hvorfor tror du, at man skal lære at læse?

Set på min søns skole her til morgen. Dejligt ærlige og ligefremme svar fra de 7-årige. Verden er slet ikke så kompliceret endda…..

Why do you think you need to learn how to read? I saw these posters made by 7 year-olds in my sons school this morning. So nice and naïve. The world is not so complicated after all….

If you are a doctor it is important that you can read an important message, so you can call an ambulance if the person is ill.

If you get a new bed you need to be able to read the instructions.

If you´re on the bus you can read the name of the right bus-stop.

If you need to write and read something on the computer, you can do it yourself instead of calling someone.

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