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Læs indlægget på dansk længere nede.

Well, I wouldn’t really know. I’ve never done any modelling (except for being a hair model with a super cool afro mohawk). I blame my short legs (let’s not get into that young-skinny-beautiful talk…). But my daughter had a great time being a mini-model – as some of you might remember from this post. And as promised: the outcome!

Isabella for S.Oliver

She was called in as a “reserve-model” (in case the real model couldn’t deliver) – but they liked her so much that they decided to use all the kids. And they had a blast!

Unfortunately models don’t get to keep the clothes. And they were nice clothes. I’m tempted to shop some S.Oliver stuff for the summer (pssst! right now there´s Mid Season Sale. Just saying….).

Have a good day!

XX – Line Karen



Rent faktisk ved jeg ikke meget om at være model. Jeg har aldrig forsøgt (ud over en gang, hvor jeg var hår-model med en super cool afro-mohawk). Jeg giver mine korte ben skylden (lad os ikke tale om ung-tynd-smuk-kriterierne). Men min datter havde en fantastik dag som mini-model – som nogen af jer måske husker fra dette indlæg). Og som lovet: resultatet!

Isabella for S.Oliver

Hun var blevet kaldt ind som “reserve-model” (hvis nu den rigtige model ikke kunne levere). Men de kunne så godt lide hende, at de besluttede sig for at bruge alle ungerne. Og de havde en fantastisk dag!

Desværre for modeller sjældent lov til at beholde tøjet. Og det var lækkert tøj. Jeg er fristet til at shoppe noget S.Oliver til sommer-garderoben (pssst! Der er lige nu Mid Season Sale. Siger det bare….).

Ha´ en skøn dag!

XX –  Line Karen


The Kids
Spending time with these two is worth more than gold. But it´s no secret that I sometimes miss my old job, my colleagues and wearing high heels.

I´d be lying if I claimed that the past six months hadn´t been busy. Last summer the kids and I said goodbye to our Copenhagen apartment (after practically giving away the interior of a complete home) to move back to Tenerife. Since then it´s been work, family and getting our feet firmly back on spanish ground.
I´ve lost a dear family member and seen another battle (and win!) the same disease. Cancer is a bitch.
Since I stopped working last month it seems I´ve had more between my hands than ever. More to do that is – not more to spend. When people asked me what I would do with my free time after I´d stop working, I said ”Read a book or three before looking for a new job”. I also wanted to get really fit, learn how to play the piano, start my own thing on the web and redecorate our house (to fit in our family of four in a 2–bedroom, 72 square meters house in the mountains, spending nothing or very little on it).
So far I´ve read one book, learned how to play Mike Oldfields ”The top of the morning” on piano, learned a lot about how to start your own web (and bought a domain. I feel like a pro!), worked out every other day and… well, the redecoration must wait… And, of course, still looking after the cat, the hens, the garden and picking up the kids every day from school at 1.30 pm to share a hot meal for lunch before taking them to sport, music etc.. But hey, it´s nice to be busy!

We have decided that I shouln´t go back to work straight away. How can I? The time we have gained is too precious to exchange for an extra salary. Jeezuz, how do other families manage? Well, I do remember how it was to be working full time, seeing the kids only for a few hours after work before they had to go to sleep. And then being super-mom at the weekends. Now I´m super-mom every day. Plus I have time to run my own little projects. And it feels really good (even knowing that it will take some time before we can travel again)!

(Pssst: I´m not trying to say that it´s either “working mom” or “super mom”. I know you can be both at the same time! And sweet lord, I´m not trying to say it´s the right choice to be a stay-at-home mom, choosing time with the kids over money. That is my choice for the moment and may change in the future. Dot.)

(Dear Pomp de Lux, please make that sweater in a bigger size – it´s really nice!)


Hvorfor tror du, at man skal lære at læse?

Set på min søns skole her til morgen. Dejligt ærlige og ligefremme svar fra de 7-årige. Verden er slet ikke så kompliceret endda…..

Why do you think you need to learn how to read? I saw these posters made by 7 year-olds in my sons school this morning. So nice and naïve. The world is not so complicated after all….

If you are a doctor it is important that you can read an important message, so you can call an ambulance if the person is ill.

If you get a new bed you need to be able to read the instructions.

If you´re on the bus you can read the name of the right bus-stop.

If you need to write and read something on the computer, you can do it yourself instead of calling someone.