The beach at Las Galletas


This was interesting…. I took a “walk” on WordPress and saw some truths and realities: I haven´t posted anything in 2 years. That´s pretty crap. But on the other hand: if you blog just for the sake of blogging, the blog posts can easily become “empty” and uninteresting. And I´m excused, I´ve been busy.

Also: I´m following 23 blogs. Blogs I have been following since Obama was president. Of those only 4 are still active. So life is what happens while you are busy blogging. Maybe the authors have moved on to new domains? Lost interest? Didn´t have time? Are not around anymore?

A decade ago it was cool to be a blogger. Then it dawned on us that anyone can be a blogger. And it wasn´t that cool anymore. Now you have to be an “influencer” to be interesting (or are we also past that? At my age it´s hard to keep track 😉 ). The only time I liked the word “influencer” in use, was when all the “influencers” got stuck at the FYRE Festival (and hurray hurray to innocence and ignorance – and sorry to those who actually had a seriously bad time there. You live, you learn).

The nice thing about blogs and bloggers is… wait, let´s rewrite that: The nice thing about people sharing real life experiences on the web, is that there is actually a lot of information out there. The web is so loaded with stories, that you can literally find the answer to any question. And that´s great. And I want to be a part of that. So, I´ll see you later alligator 😉

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