If you run an excursion company, hotel or restaurant and are interested in a review on the site, I will be happy to consider working with you. Email me at Dejligdansk(at)


If you would like to promote a product, service or giveaway email me at Dejligdansk(at)

All companies working with this blog will be fairly mentioned with all necessary information such as links, contact info and the like alongside with my honest opinion/review.


The DejligDansk blog has existed for some  4 years and has grown from having 11.600 visitors in the first year to having an average of 400 to 500 daily visitors – with January 2016 being the most visited month with 46.564 unique visitors.

Most readers are from the nordic countries followed by the United States, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain. The blog has been visited by readers in more than 80 countries.


– og ganske uperfekt.

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